Exhibiting at a trade show

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Exhibiting at a Trade Show

23rd Apr 2015

Exhibiting at a trade show is very importantExhibiting at a trade show is very important for many companies. When it comes to business, relationships matter. It needs to be personal and that’s why the traditional marketing technique is still effective in the present day.


  • Face-to-face interaction
  • Introduce products
  • Build relationships
  • Media attention
  • Evaluate competitors
  • Gather new leads

As per the recent survey, 89% of businesses say that trade shows keep them up-to-date on trends and developments; and 88% say it saves them time by bringing all the vendors under one roof at the same time.

What is more, 86% of those surveyed said that trade shows helped their firm make a decision and 84% admitted that it gave them the opportunity to discuss problems and ideas with other professionals in the industry by networking.

So now we have established how beneficial they are, here is a guide to the kind of indoor displays that you can purchase to market yourself properly at such an event.

  • Literature stand

Do you have a lot of corporate brochures you want to give out at the tradeshow? Display them professionally with a literature stand and rack. They are strong but lightweight and they are ideal to store all your literature material tidily.

  • Banner stands

These are the most ideal indoor displays for a trade show. The height makes you stand out from the crowd and they offer you plenty of coverage. It is the perfect platform to market your brand and many are interchangeable if you need to alter the graphics.

Cable stands are an extremely stylish alternative as they offer not only high impact graphics but a decorative stand to back it up.

  • Display boards

These Velcro-friendly panels are ideal for trade-shows because they allow you to customize your stand. You publish your own marketing material in a cost-effective way. The stands are durable for travel because they are lightweight and easy to carry.

  • iPad stand

These are becoming more and more popular at trade shows across the world. i Pads and tablets are fast becoming a marketing essential and professional business people are utilising the technology to showcase their competence. These display stands are specially designed with high quality lockable features so instead of telling the customer how great you are, simply show them.

  • Pop up display stands

These can either be used on their own or as a centerpiece at your stand but fundamentally they are flexible and they can be moved effortlessly. There are many different types available such as straight, curved, and L-shaped etc. and they allow you to make an impact and boost your marketing efforts.

  • Promotional Display

These are perfect for indoor trade shows simply because they are lightweight and practical. You can use them at the exhibition to showcase a demonstration, give out information, and offer sampling services. They are easy to assemble and portable.So now you know all the types of indoor display accessories you can buy for your next trade show, make sure you advertise your business effectively with expert help.


A Guide to Indoor displays for a Trade Show – By Craig Barnes  source: biztradeshows.com



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