Show bag contents - March 15 trade fair

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Show bag contents – March 15 trade fair

13th Mar 2014

Show bag contents - March 15 trade fairShow bag contents – March 15 trade fair

We are giving away 150 bags to the first 150 Registered moms that attends our show this Saturday.

Ever wondered what was in our show bags? The photo to the right shows what is included in our March 15th, 2014 trade show. Some sample items may be different than shown.

What’s in the Swag Bags?
Some items could be: Samples, free gifts, promotional items, coupons and discounts & more. Every show provides something different.


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What to contribute to a Swag Bag?
Swag bags are a way to promote your business and a unique way to get customers to visit your shop, website or store following the event.

Here are some great tips for swag items:
– Samples:  samples are a great way for customers to try your products before they buy.
– Freebies:  free gifts are always popular.
– Free Item Coupons:  Offer something free to encourage traffic to your store.
– Promotional Items:  Pens and magnets are great promotional items that have your website or logo branded on the item.

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